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#13012499 Jan 24, 2017 at 10:33 AM
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Hello everyone,
this is a brief introduction into our ranks and their permissions.

This rank is used for Applicants who can be assigned to one of the two raidgroups.
If you prove yourself in the raids you will be promoted to Gremlin or Ghoul, please see our Getting Started thread for more information on this.
As a Ghost you have permission to view most forums with the exception of Member Discussions, Officer Lounge and Applications.

Reserved for members who are not actively raiding with one of the groups. If you'd like to start raiding again please let us know and we will prioritize you when there's a spot free.
Goblins have the permission to view and write in all forums except for the officer lounge.
Furthermore, they have alot of permissions within the game, such as editing the message of the day.

Gremlins and Ghouls
These two ranks are for active raiders within the groups and have the same value.
They have the same permissions as Goblins.

This rank is for officers only, they have all permissions in the game and on the website.
Giants are fully capable of taking actions without validation by the GM.

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