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thanks for your interest in our guild. A lot of new members have asked me the same questions so I decided to write this guideline on how to become a successful member of Ghosts and Goblins.

Step 1: Application

Everyone who is interested in joining our guild has to fill out our application form. All you need is a Shivtr-Account.
These are the core-factors that make a good application:

We want to know why you want to join us, the more information the better. This is important to us as we want steady groups that can play together in the same constellation for a long time.
While we are a progressive guild we also have a helpful and friendly community and take great care that all new members fit into it. Arrogant or unfriendly applications will be rejected.
As a hardcore raiding guild we are very picky to ensure the best progress for our groups. We are aware that DPS can vary alot depending on the support in your group, please provide screens from Combat Metrics so we can see your buffs.
Having experience in veteran trials and especially vMoL is always a big plus.
It's very important that you are able to attend on the raids of your group. This is a point where we don't make exceptions.
Sadly CP is very important for DPS and survivability. Please make sure that you are at Cap or at least close to it.

Now that you have submitted your application you can only wait for a response, it should normally come within a few days, we wait so all members get the chance to read it and write down their opinions.

If your application is rejected it's not the world's end. While we are trying to give feedback to most applications it's not always possible because we're getting a lot of them and we don't always have the time. Feel free to ask us and try again once you sorted out the problems.

Step 2: Testphase

Congratulations, you've made it past the first round!
Now we want to see if you can keep what you've promised in your application :P
The same factors apply, we want to see you active in the raids and the community.
You will be tested in a trialphase of at least two weeks and we will continue to collect opinions from our members. Please make sure to link DPS in the raids.

As a new applicant you will have access to most content on this website and you're wanted to sign up for raids of your group. You will have to add a character first, then click on the event on the calendar and add yourself to the list.
For example: If you are assigned to the Gremlins you are free to sign up for Gremlinraids and mixed raids, not for Ghoulraids. Within the Gremlinraids you will have priority over Ghouls, so sign up even if the list seems full.
After the first two weeks we will try to make a decision as fast as possible, but it can take a bit longer, especially if we have alot of applicants at the same time. You can see the official end of your testphase in your guildnote if Rei doesn't deface it xD
You will continue to raid with your group until the final decision is made.

Step 3: Full member

Welcome to the guild! You are now part of a handpicked community and can enjoy your privileges. So now it's time to lean back I guess? Nope :P
While we give all members the opportunity to develop the guild that also comes with certain responsibilities. We want your opinions on new applications, discussions in the forums and attendance on the raids. If you have suggestions, don't hesitate to bring them up. We are always happy to see initiative from members, even if we disagree.
We also host guild meetings from time to time where everyone can submit topics to discuss.

That's it for now, I hope I made things and if not don't hesitate to ask. Also make sure to check these threads for specific information:

GnG Recruitment Thread on the official forums
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