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Flák / Sep 30, 2017

Or 198.354 without fucking buggy spiders.Nevertheless, Ghouls are back in the topsection of the leaderboards, very well done guys! Lets keep going and join the 200k-club :)

Flák / Jul 29, 2017

Insane progression guys, just back to vHoF after 2 weeks and now this.Score: boss nuke: I'm coming back I want to see you on the top of that leaderboard...

Flák / Jul 04, 2017

Hey,Ghouls had an amazing run today and cleared vHoF + Hardmode in 54minutes despite 3 wipes on the final boss.Now we are finally getting the scores that we earned with hard work and frustrating bugs/crashes, very well done.Still we have a lot of ...

Flák / Jun 20, 2017

Hey guys,after a week of trying we defeated hardmode last night with a mixed group of Ghouls and Gremlins. Thanks to everyone who helped!Greets Flák

Aurora / Jun 01, 2017

After a minimal amount PTS-raids and just a few live raids, the Assembly General has been taken down!But I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are not happy with just a veteran clear. HM is just a raid away and then it's time to just sta...

Flák / Mar 24, 2017

Ghouls finally passed the 160k mark, well played and well deserved, we worked hard for this. Now Platform-5-Nuke and EngineGuardian-Raid with Deltia are next on the list.

Aurora / Feb 16, 2017

Hey what's up guys, Aurora from here and today(yesterday) we cleared HM AND got the burn on Rakkhat with the Gremlin group!Starting out later than the Ghouls with many applicants and unstable groups, we have finally reached ...