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Aurora / Feb 22, 2018

After alot of hard work in AS and some struggles here and there, it actually paid off in the end!We can now call ourselves Immortal Memers! :)

Flák / Sep 30, 2017

Or 198.354 without fucking buggy spiders.Nevertheless, Ghouls are back in the topsection of the leaderboards, very well done guys! Lets keep going and join the 200k-club :)

Flák / Jul 29, 2017

Insane progression guys, just back to vHoF after 2 weeks and now this.Score: boss nuke: I'm coming back I want to see you on the top of that leaderboard...

Flák / Jul 04, 2017

Hey,Ghouls had an amazing run today and cleared vHoF + Hardmode in 54minutes despite 3 wipes on the final boss.Now we are finally getting the scores that we earned with hard work and frustrating bugs/crashes, very well done.Still we have a lot of ...

Flák / Jun 20, 2017

Hey guys,after a week of trying we defeated hardmode last night with a mixed group of Ghouls and Gremlins. Thanks to everyone who helped!Greets Flák

Aurora / Jun 01, 2017

After a minimal amount PTS-raids and just a few live raids, the Assembly General has been taken down!But I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are not happy with just a veteran clear. HM is just a raid away and then it's time to just sta...