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Flák / Jun 20, 2017

Hey guys,after a week of trying we defeated hardmode last night with a mixed group of Ghouls and Gremlins. Thanks to everyone who helped!Greets Flák

Aurora / Jun 01, 2017

After a minimal amount PTS-raids and just a few live raids, the Assembly General has been taken down!But I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are not happy with just a veteran clear. HM is just a raid away and then it's time to just sta...

Flák / Mar 24, 2017

Ghouls finally passed the 160k mark, well played and well deserved, we worked hard for this. Now Platform-5-Nuke and EngineGuardian-Raid with Deltia are next on the list.

Aurora / Feb 16, 2017

Hey what's up guys, Aurora from here and today(yesterday) we cleared HM AND got the burn on Rakkhat with the Gremlin group!Starting out later than the Ghouls with many applicants and unstable groups, we have finally reached ...

Aurora / Jan 14, 2017

Hey what's up guys, it's Aurora from here and I'd like to thank all of you who put time and effort in to making this happen.The last two weeks we've been THIS close to completing it many times, but today, 14/01/2017, is the ...

Rei / Dec 22, 2016

Hello! Well, we've done it again! Only after 4 short weeks after the Gremlin group got assembled they also conquered the #1 spot in vMoL for a non-Hardmode score and did beat the Ghoul groups old score by a whole 6k while doing it, very well done ...

Rei / Oct 20, 2016

Once our dynamic-duo of tanks was back from vacation, which consists of SaKGEE and Kim we got the Speedrun Achivement on our first try! Nice work everyone, and now our main focus will be on minimizing the deaths and improving our score! Well done ...

Rei / Sep 12, 2016

Here is the edit Kim did over a space of 2 days, turned out really nice in my opinion. Hope this fires you all up for the coming future of this great guild! Go give it a watch and of course a like!- Rei